Monday, March 16, 2015


                                                      Be a Smart Student                                                   

 A smart student to acquire profound and deep knowledge, would naturally be crazy for Blended learning, which is learning through various means with mixed methods. Leave the blind learning in the early stage and adopt blended learning  as early as possible, better in the beginning of schooling.

Blind learning is simply mugging up without understanding which will never provide any useful knowledge and develop creativity. Blended learning is modern, which enhances the possibility of acquiring more and complete knowledge during study. More knowledge means more confidence.When knowledge and confidence join together, smartness forges ahead of you.This quality and competence are required for systematic and challenging works  undertaken  in your job after study.

The style of teaching and learning nowadays go far beyond traditional methods followed within the four walls of the class-room. The syllabus of the subject is the common requirement of all students framed by the board of studies for the academic assessment of students within a semester. But the learning is certainly beyond the syllabus.

Now it is the age of electronics. Almost all people are not only aware of computer but also they know how to use it. Computer takes more and more predominant role in one’s life. It seems that without computer, the life will not be so interesting. Almost complete information about any topic of interest from historic background to recent development is available in internet.  A smart student will use computer with right spirit, whenever he requires more information about a topic. Having practice in e-teaching, teachers must come forward to adopt not only ppt presentation but also e-teaching with computer and smart screen in class-room. It provides multiple resources to all students. Apart from face to face interaction in the class room, when students  are exposed to  reference e-books, audio ,video tapes and pre-recorded cassettes, possibility of doing innovative projects, lab experiments, workshop practice, quiz  with the help of computer and industrial visit, exposure to environments, to induct practical thinking with creativity, they  become more and more smart.

A smart student will interact with teachers in class-room, experts in special meetings and scholars in seminars and symposiums. Interaction with learned people will make one to be more active with a sensible goal by generating self motivation. Self motivation is the inherent key to all success

Discipline is more important than education. One can have happy life without education but not without discipline. Many people mistakenly think that indiscipline gives pleasure but it is momentary ,gives sudden growth ,but it is unstable, gives money but it is useless. Remember if all people go for indiscipline, then the survival of any single individual will be a problem. There is no compromise for the discipline. Discipline must be both  in internal and external behaviours. Students loving smartness will naturally behave with perfect discipline.

Smart students will prioritize their everyday work and complete the work properly in time They will never postpone their work. This habit helps them to be more efficient in time management, to set goals for their life achievement, to find proper resources to complete their work. They always strive for efficiency and effectiveness at work,use the most effective and appropriate form communication and set a duration for all of their work.

Being a smart student is simple provided if you are really like to be smart by inheriting such characters.

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