Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Eluthatha Kaditham

Beware of  silent thief –M/s.Anand Rathi
I was trading shares with M/s.Anand Rathi,Trichy branch for the past few years. When I sell they charged more and deducted the same from my credit.They retain more money in my account without my permission. They do not give balance statement even quarterly.One cannot calculate how m uch they have deducted for what reason..For every trading I lose unexpectedly more. For example, When I sell  50 shares of Alembic pharmaceuticals for Rs.285.10 on 5-3-2014 I finally got Rs.13000 on 13-3-2014.
As I was not satisfied with the way of approach to customers, I wanted to close my trading account with them. When I submitted my requisition to closure on 4 th April 2014, they transferred my shares only on 26 th April ,that too after long fighting. In between I was not allowed to trade. After closing my trading account they were silent without giving back the remaining balance money in my account., again after long war.The balance statement given by them showed my balance is Rs.1174.99, but they gave only Rs.890.95 on 8 th May.They have deducted a sum of Rs.285 for no reason..I reported this state of affair to both SEBI and NSE. It must be SEBI and NSE to monitor the stock brokers whether they follow the rules and regulations strictly. Infact a far away customer cannot succeed  when they intentionally go wrong.If  such habit is allowed to grow by the ignorance and inability of customers, the whole system will not be a healthy source of economy of our nation.

Beware of Anand Rathi!

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