Sunday, July 4, 2010

Creative thoughts-1
(4 th July 2010)
1.A thought for a week
God is phonon like,cann't find outside, but exist within every one of us.We are searching him everywhere except where actually he is. God is virtual in the physical world and real in the spiritual world.
2.Recreational mathematics
A cube number can be obtained by multiplying any three successive numbers in natural series and adding the middle number with the product.
1x2x3 + 2 = 8 =2x2x2; 4x5x6 + 5 = 125 = 5x5x5 or in general (n-1)n(n+1) + n = nxnxn
This is what already we know.But there is treasure of pleasure when we go further.By taking
any three successive odd numbers,we have
3x5x7 +5x4 = 125 = 5x5x5; 5x7x9 +7 x 4 = 7x7x7 or in general(2n+1)x(2n+1+2m)x(2n+1+4m)
+(2n+l+2m)x2mx2m = (2n+1+2m)x(2n+1+2m).
Now you try with any three successive even numbers !
A number sequence is given below
What is the sum of first 182 numbers ? What is the 125 th number ? If the sum is 1000,what is the last number of the sequence ?

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