Friday, July 9, 2010

Creative thoughts-3

Creative thoughts-3 ( 10 th July 2010)
l.A thought to think

Love is a invaluable gift given by God uniquely to all living beings for the existence of every species in the universe for ever.

2.Creative idea
(Remote controlled electrical sockets)

Sockets are electrical devices used for removably connecting electrically operated appliances to the power supply temporarily. If a remote control system is installed inside a single or a multi-
socket,it will be a new class of electrical device providing more advantages to users. With the help of external remote commander, one can make 'on-off ' operations of any electrically operating devices deriving power through this special socket. With a special multi-socket,two or more electrical appliances can be controlled simultaneously by having different operating channels.
With the help of this special socket, all electrical applinces at home without remote control in-built can be operated as if they were having its own remote control.
By improving the efficiency of the socket other functions like changing the brightness of light,speed of motor,temperature of the air-conditioned room can also be controlled. I conceived this ceative idea once when I slept at my bed without putting off the tuned FM radio.
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3.Recreational mathematics

With four different digits one can construct the following numeral relation with equal sum of two squares.
2x2 + 9x9 = 7x7 + 6x6
Can you develop more relations with numbers having only these four digits ?
We can construct innumerable relations by simply suffixing or prefixing the digits/numbers in one side with the digits/numbers in the other side of the relation.
Prefixing the digits: 72 x 72 + 69 x 69 = 27 x 27 + 96 x 96
62 x 62 + 79 x 79 = 97 x 97 + 26 x 26
Prefixing the numbers:
2772 x 2772 + 9669 x 9669 = 7227 x 7227 + 6996 x 6996
9672 x 9672 + 2769 x 2769 = 6927 x 6927 + 7296 x 7296
9762 x 9762 + 2679 x 2679 = 6297 x 6297 + 7926 x 7926
2662 x 2662 + 9779 x 9779 = 7997 x 7997 + 6226 x 6226
It can be continued to get more and bigger relations. Enjoy and find something new !

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