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Story for a cenema


Golden parrot.(Story)

It is a story of a young and creative but unemployed youth in America. After graduation from an art school, he tried for a job. But every time he has not been selected for the appointment. He displayed few of his paintings in the street. But nobody came forward to buy his arts work except one day a young lady residing in a nearby house and watched him everyday consoled him for his disappointment and encouraged him with kind words. She wanted to buy one of his paintings signifying love (may be love birds).When she invited him as a friend, for her birthday tomorrow, a sudden cyclonic wind was approaching the city and the government officials with alarming sound announced the people to decamp the city. People rushed away here and there leaving out their belongings as such. He and the girl stayed in a safety place for some time and when they came back after restoration, they saw, all of his drawings were totally spoiled.  She gave some money to him and asked him to buy the required painting materials from a departmental store to continue his art work.   

He entered into a departmental store to buy painting materials, but the price is beyond his money in hand. He thought of multiplying his money by playing in casino. But he last almost all money except few dollars. When he remembered the birthday invitation, he wanted to present something to that girl during celebration. First time in his life he creatively planned to steal things from the departmental store. He removed bar code slips of low and high priced articles and interchanged them. He came to billing counter and came out with high priced article by paying for low priced article.  

He adopted this technique whenever he required money to enjoy life. But one day he has been caught at the billing counter, when an another customer came with the very same article to the billing counter. The judge gave 15 days imprisonment as he was not able to pay fine.

After 15 days he came out of jail,with few dollars in hand which he earned by doing some work in the jail. Accidently he saw that girl entering into a bird park. He followed her by paying for entry. She conducted a bird show for a group of visitors with macaws (scarlet,golden winged,military,African grey).The birds carried out the order given by her.

After witnessing the show, he planned to use the birds for theft.After the show he went along with her to her house. He enquired about the way of training the birds and knew many unknown amazing facts of different birds.Her father is a pet bird and cabin seller.

He learned from her father how to train a bird. He took a bird(Macaw) with the help of his girl friend.  He gave training to the bird. He showed his watch many times and kept in different place in and around his house. The bird will bring his watch immediately.  After developing confidence he changed his plan  not to steal departmental objects but to steal gold from jwelleries. He got golden rings from neighbours, chain from young children  and by wearing them he showed his pet bird as his own, then he threw away in the garden ,then in a lake with little water and then in the top of a tree. Every time the bird will get back the article.

After many rehearsal, he visited a jewellery during its closing time along with his pet bird. He took a costly golden chain and wore in his neck.He requested the owner to allow him to see the fitness in a mirror there. He showed the golden chain as if it is his own to his pet bird. Then he put the bird in the cabin and return back the chain to the shop owner and came back to his house. During night he ordered the bird to get back the chain. The bird entered the shop through   rest room window and through the safety room when the security accidently opened the door to activate the secret camera and alarm. But the bird is trapped inside the room since the room is locked by the security. In the early morning when the shop is opened with few servants, the bird flew away unnoticed. But it left one feather inside during its fight for leaving the room. The shop owner came to know only later that a costly chain was missing. But he was confused as there was no evidence of illegal entry, no record in the camera. He did few attempts successfully.

 One day in an attempt with a jewellery, the bird sat in an electrically connected bar which gave alarming sound to the public. The police came to the spot and noticed only the bird with chain in its peak. They caught the bird and allowed the bird to fly away after removing the chain. They tracked the bird to know the owner. Ultimately they caught the real culprit. Again he was given imprisonment for one year. He gave the bird to his girl friend to cater till his return. She used the bird for bird show – throwing golden rings of a visitor and get back with the help of bird.

A gang of criminals planned to loot gold bars in government reserve bank. They watched the location and analysed various possibilities. They created few insect robots placed them by themselves in various secret locations to pass on the communication about the various official activities carried out inside the bank  and the secret codes ,pass words they used to open the  door and lockers.  The insect robots worked together to pass on the message to ultimate place. After knowing the secret code the burglars without leaving out any trace of evidence of illegal entry ( they waited for a night with total blackout due to natural calamities , they were flying in helicopter without making  landing in the open roof. The man entered into the room was properly equipped to float in the space. He collected gold bars and went back to open roof and with the help of rope, he reached the helicopter).

It was a shocking news to Government, police. They triggered entire departments and CIDs to get information about the burglary. A police officer involved in this case came to jail and accidently met our hero, who explained the achievements he did with his pet bird to jailers. The police office thought this may be useful to trace out the culprit and the stolen gold bars. He released the hero and requested him to trace out the burglars. They visited the reserve bank with the pet bird. His girl friend also accompanied to help him. He took few gold bars and put them in his bag. He showed it to his pet bird as if it is his own. His girl friend return back home with the bird. The hero replaced all the gold bars there and arrived his girl friend’s house with empty bag. He showed the empty bag to the bird and gave signal to get back them. The bird instead of searching the stolen bars, simply came to reserve bank. The police officer called back the hero to the bank. The hero then received  a bar from the bank and threw it away and ordered the pet bird to get back. Immediately the bird brought back that bar. He put it in his bag and showed it to his pet bird and asked what about the remaining bars? The bird tried to enter into the bank. But he gave signal to the bird that it is not here. He directed the bird to fly away from the bank. The bird flew for about two days nonstop. The police officer and his entire team followed the bird one and half day through land, few hours through sea. Finally they arrived an island. The culprit hidden there thought that the police identified them They opened fire and threatened the police There was rigorous fight between police and the culprits. In the fight his pet bird had been shot dead. Ultimately the entire criminals were surrendered and the golden bars had been recovered. The hero was given rewards. He then lived happily with his girl friend. They both conducted bird show in the bird park.


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