Sunday, November 7, 2010

eluthaatha kaditham

Dear anticorruption officer ,

When my wife bought a car very recently, the authourised car seller collected a sum of Rs.3200/=, but they gave official receipt only for Rs.530+40. Now they say that the remaining amount is for the expenses at RTO office.

When I tried to get permanent registeration, the authourised car seller demands
more than what actually pescribed officially.They call it as brokerage.
When my daughter and my son purchased plots, the plot seller collected a sum of Rs.1300 extra for registeration at sub registrar office and for which he has not given the official receipt from the concerned office.He demanded a sum of Rs.5000/= to get patta. I do not think the official fee for getting patta will not be like this..

If I deny, I will not get things done and besides that I will be made to wander months or even years together between my house and the office.

You see, bribing is almost everywhere.Nowadays they follow some indirect ways
of getting illegal income which outsiders cannot confirm easily. In society it is in different forms and called by different names.Dewali collection by government workers is also a kind of illegal collection.This old habit of collecting money from people during festivals is the root cause of the present situation.

My aim is not to make any complaint because I do not know who is actually the culprit, and I cannot even confirm my charge against such unknown. But I am sure, quite a large amount of money is flowing illegally both in RTO office and Sub-registrar’s office.

I would like to suggest an idea which may be beneficial to both public and government as well. Establish government organized benignant offices at various places ,which will do all helping works to public by receiving applications from them and directing them to various offices to get things done by collecting the prescribed fees + some nominal charges for government.

Bribing can be eradicated only if we induct attitude in their mind- not demanding money for their own purposes from the public approaching them for official work.

Please ignore everything ,if I am wrong by any  means .

Thanking you

Yours truly


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